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5 MUST-haves for winter surf in Portugal

By May 23, 2019July 5th, 2019No Comments

Surfing in board-shorts is a rare happening in Portugal even in summer. In winter, this will never happen. With your shredding obsession and the perfect wave conditions in winter, you will want to surf anyway!  Here are 5 must-haves, when surfing through Portugal´s winter:

4/3 mm RIP CURL Flashbomb

With 20C water temperature in summer season in Portugal, you can surf in 3/2 mm wetsuit up till October. When the water cools down to 17C in winter, you need to step up your game. The Rip Curl 4/3 Flashbomb has special flash lining on the inside, an orange furry-feel fabric that keeps an extra layer of warm air between the suit and your body. The flash lining dries super-fast, so it´s comfortable for your second surf of the day.

Towel Poncho

You just went for an amazing surf, walked all the way back to the car, and you’re taking off your wet wetsuit in the fresh winter breeze, struggling and trying to hold up your towel. We’ve all been there. So, throw old fashioned towels in the bin, and get a towel poncho! Pull it over your head, stay nice and warm, and take your wetsuit off comfortably without worrying about showing those cold private parts to the rest of the world.
At Jah Shaka Surf shop you can find this North Core poncho-towels in different colours.

After Surf Beanie

We all love beanies. Let’s face it, everybody does! They´re warm, they cover your after-surf cold ears, and they just look awesome! Surfing in winter is just another reason to expand your beanie wardrobe.

Coffee Tumbler

Keep your body warm from the inside-out. Most restaurants and beach bars will be closed in winter on the smaller beaches in the Algarve, so don´t leave the house without a coffee tumbler.

Hoodies & booties

For the real sufferers amongst us, who’d almost rather stay at home than surf in 17C water, just cover up completely. Change those beloved flip-flops for a few winter months and get cosily wrapped up in a surf hoodie, covering (neck and) ears. Adding this to your 4/3 wetsuit, you won´t feel cold, guaranteed!

Now you can order branded Jah Shaka Surf hoodies online and we get a free delivery around Portugal all winter long! Feel free to contact us!

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