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This is the ultimate list of reasons why you should come to Lagos (and possibly never return home)

By July 8, 2022No Comments

Ask ten persons what they think of when you say Lagos and you probably get ten completely different answers. From strolling the picturesque old town streets to checking luxurious yachts in the modern harbour and from a relaxed day on one of the many gorgeous beaches to adrenaline fuelled day filled with exciting activities. This Portuguese town and surrounding area has something to offer for everyone.

Did we get your curiosity flowing? The Jah Shaka Surf shop crew got together and created the best reasons to visit Lagos! (We could honestly think of many more but we know your attention span can only take as much).

1. The Weather

How great is it to wake up every day just knowing that it’s going to be another warm and sunny day? Let us tell you, it’s awesome! No need to check the weather forecast: with more than 300 days of sun per year you’ll definitely be able to work on a tan that will make your friends at home jealous.

The thermometer normally hits 20+ °C (70 °F) from March till November with June to September being the hottest months. Even the winter here is mild with lots of sunny days.

So bring out those bikini’s, shorts and lovely summer dresses but don’t forget a light sweater or jacket – even summer nights can get a little chilly. 

2. The Surf

Ahhh the surf. The reason most of our crew came down to South-West Algarve at some point and never left. With many spots along both south and west coast, there is always a wave to be found for any level surfer, all year round. This also makes it a perfect location for the surf virgins amongst you to learn to surf.

The winter usually brings big swells that are a true spectacle on the west coast but bring the more surfable waves to the south. The west coast is normally the place to be in summer. Be aware that you will need a car to get you to the breaks more often than not.

Not planning on renting a car? Just drop by the Jah Shaka Surf shop to book yourself a transfer, a lesson or a ride & rent. Of course you can also drop by for rentals only or if you just want to know which beaches should be working during your stay.

3. The Food

The best way to end a day of surfing is in a restaurant, being treated to good food. The Lagos area is a culinary heaven where you can find all types of restaurants with cuisine from all over the world! But if you’re looking for the true Algarvian (and most wallet friendly) experience, why not step into one of the local restaurants to enjoy some super fresh local specialties like grilled fish, all sorts of seafood from clams to lobsters and chicken piri-piri.

The cuisine of the Algarve is often simple but made with love and focused on the great varieties in taste that nature itself has to offer us. Want to take it up a notch? See if you can find a place that serves ‘Percebes’ (goose barnacles); a freaky looking but yummy seafood specialty that can only be collected by the most fearless fisherman on dangerous rocks out in the ocean.

4. The Scenery

Lagos is located on the south coast of the Algarve which offers you long stretched sandy beaches alternated with the cliffs and grottos this region is known for. Think turquoise waters with a scatter of rocks and gorgeous tiny beaches.

The west coast is just around the corner and gives you grand views of rugged cliffs and the wild nature of the Costa Vincentina nature park that stretches from Sagres to Sines.


And it’s not only nature that is appealing around here. Whether you’re looking for a quiet fisherman town like Carrapateira, the hustle and bustle of touristic cities like Albufeira and Portimão or the rich history of places like Lagos and Silves (cause castles are cool!); you can find it all in this region.

You can explore all this beauty by yourself but why not enjoy the views of the cliffs in the south by kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard or boat? Hike or bike along the west coast and Monchique mountain area with a guide or enjoy a fun and informative tour along both coasts including beach picnic and drinks. These tours are all located in, or leave from Lagos. Just drop by the Jah Shaka Surf shop and we’ll find you the tour you’re looking for!

5. Affordable

The Algarve offers a wealth of exclusive resorts, restaurants and clubs. But you’ll be happy to know that for those of us who do know what the bottom of our wallet looks like (or those who just enjoy the charm of staying amongst the plebs), Lagos is the place to be as well. The town is filled with cheap hostels and hotels and reasonably priced apartments and surf camps. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it. Just make sure to book ahead if you’re planning to come in summer or you might end up spending the night under the stars.

Navigate away from any town’s main street to find the hidden (and often more affordable) restaurants. They often have a cheap daily special too! Expect to spend around 20 euro pp on average for a main course, two drinks and a dessert. But an evening out under 10 is definitely possible!

6. Activities

Surfing not really your thing? Or just looking for something to do on your day of? Whatever your desired intensity level – you’ll be able to find an activity of your liking around here. Adrenaline junkies can go kitesurfing, diving or maybe jump out of a plane for a change. Regular junkies might be happier just hanging out at a beach bar or on a booze cruise. And everyone in between can do everything in between: from SUP-tours to mountain biking and from dolphin watching to power kiting, just drop by our surf shop in the centre of Lagos and we’ll find you something to do!

7. Fun for everyone

Lagos is truly fun for everyone. Whether you’re a die-hard surfer, a party-goer, a beach connoisseur, a young family, an old family, a honeymoon couple, a happy camper, a sports(wo)man, a nature lover, a quiet person, a social seeker, a foodie, a single, married or ‘it’s complicated’ person, a sun admirer, or even still in search of yourself. The only danger of Lagos is that you might decide to never leave.

Like we did.

So come find the Jah Shaka crew at our shop or camps in Lagos and find out why this is the place to be for yourselves.

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