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GoPro Hero Black Edition

By April 19, 2023No Comments

“Be A Hero”

That’s the slogan. And it hits home, too – with the new GoPro Hero Black Edition, relive your experiences and see them like never before.

Slimmer, slicker and lighter, this new action camera has the capability to shoot up to 4K at 12fps, all the way through to WVGA resolution at a remarkable 240fps, and everything in between is similarly impressive.

With built-in WiFi and superior lens and sensor capability, the GoPro Black Edition truly surpasses its predecessors. Plus, it has been shown to capture colours truer to how they appear to the eye.

The new model is also, to many, more aesthetically pleasing. Alongside its slimmer appearance, it is no longer coated with the more toy-like silver colour. It instead has a toned-down black rubber covering the majority of it, with textured rubber sides. This is more than just a slicker looking camera though. This design makes the camera seem more rugged, and it feels much more suited all the hardships it will go through.

Not only has the camera itself been improved, though. The accessories that come with it have changed, of course, in order to compliment the new GoPro. The main difference that you will notice as soon as you see it is in the housing. It too is slimmer than its predecessors, which, while sacrificing on being the ultimately bomb-proof housing like its fore bearers, is great as it has shed yet more weight. The most noticeable change though, is that instead of the large glass dome present on all the old houses, it has a flat screen in front of the lens. This allows for a less distorted and clearer image.

I could go into the absolute ins-and-outs of this camera, but overall it really is evident to me that it is a cut above the rest. In fact, in my humble and honest opinion, this is without a doubt the best action sports camera on the market to date. Retailing at £359.99, this new camera does come at a premium price. But you get what you pay for and more, and it certainly bests any and all other cameras out there.

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