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Amuse Society – new brand for the rebellious beach babe

By July 8, 2022February 7th, 2023No Comments

Don’t you just hate having to get your sandy legs into your black leather pants after a day on the beach? We might have the perfect solution for you! New in Jah Shaka Surf shop: Amuse Society – the young designer brand for those beach babes that love to show their rebellious rock ‘n roll side.

Amuse Society is a California based beach lifestyle brand founded by long-time friends Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp. Their style is a perfect mix of comfortable beach wear and a rock-chic edge (hello sexy play suit!). Even though the brand was only established in 2014, Fry and Rapp have managed to become the hottest new brand in the surfing industry. They’ve created a signature style that they describe themselves as

“An archetype of beach chic designed for the femme who embraces the free spirit of a rock muse on a beach holiday”

There is good reason for everyone’s eyes to be on this couple right now. The girls have extensive experience in surfing apparel. Fry and Rapp were Vice President of Women’s for Volcom and Quicksilver/Roxy respectively before they partnered with Paul Naude to set up Amuse Society. That last name ring the bell as well? Oh, he’s only the former President of Billabong who is also responsible for the successful launch of VISSLA and D’Blanc – which can also be found in Jah Shaka Surf shop.

Amuse Society does not only want to create beautiful beachwear, but ‘a culture that supports woman and their craft’ as well.

And now this hot brand is available to the humble surfers of Portugal’s Algarve as well. From high-rise bikini bottoms to sexy laser-cut neoprenes, from one-of-a-kind hand tie-dyed dresses to studded black shorts, from flowing printed tops to comfy sweaters and much more – do you need any more convincing?

Visit the Amuse Society blog or if you’re near Lagos, just come check out their collection at Jah Shaka Surf shop! We’ll throw in a free smile and talk while we’re at it.

All photo’s rights – Amuse Society blog

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