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Welcome to the Western Algarve
Why take your break here?

Bursting with sunshine and known for it’s laid back lifestyle, the Western Algarve is the perfect holiday destination to unwind and recharge with some deserved rest and recuperation. Wether you achieve this by exploring the fantastic culture and unspoilt countryside, chilling out and catching some waves at some of Europe’s most stunning beaches, or want to find adventure taking part in the endless outdoor activities on offer, the choice is yours.

Well away from the main stream Eastern Algarve international tour operators, the West has largely stayed underdeveloped and still retains it’s natural charm. Travelling just half an hour from either the south or west coast up through the countryside to the Monchique mountain at 1000 metres, the whole area is speckled with small villages and towns with one foot in past. You can find traditional coffee shops, bakers, fresh produce from local producers and artisan craftsmen all selling there wares. Don’t miss out on the local cuisine of this area either with a cataplana (fresh fish stew), barbaqued sardines and a Pastilla de nata for desert.

Average temperatures

A mild climate in winter and a cooling northerly wind in summer make the Algarve climate enviable across Europe.

Our beaches of the Costa Vincentina National Park

Some of the cleanest water in Europe, hidden isolated coves, vast sweeping open beaches and quaint coastal fishing villages, make this part of the portuguese coastline truly unforgettable.

Tourismo do Algarve

Explore the whole region in this promotional video from the Turismo do Algarve. Fantastic views, lush countryside teeming with wildlife and an area rich in culture and history are just some of the things you will find here.

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