Why is a Surf Holiday Perfect for Couples

It's your first holiday together as a couple, we've put together the top reasons you should make it a surf holiday!

1. Learning something new together builds stronger bonds, sharing experiences makes you closer. 

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2. Pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone helps you work as a team. Paddling out to the bigger waves together, is the perfect challenge to take on!

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3. Boredom won’t strike - You’ll be out surfing all day, there’s no time to get bored. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of beach and tanning time in lunch breaks.

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4. Awkward silences - You’ve never spent so much time together, 7 days is a long time to fill with conversation. WELL, not only will you have SO much to talk about your new found shared passion- Surfing,  there’s loads of other people to talk too!

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5. It can still be romantic! Our Luxury Teepees and Sea View Apartments are perfect for couples, you can sneak off for some private time...

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Not your first holiday together?

6. No need for car hire! That's right, no map reading required. We arrange Airport transfers from Faro and the rest of your week you'll be hunting down the best waves with our Surf Jeeps.

7. Alone Time is available and encouraged. You're both on holiday, doesn't mean you need to do EVERYTHING together, why not join in our daily yoga class or Paddle Boarding tour.

8. Meet like minded people! Our in-house dinners are perfect for socialising with others in the Lodge. Meet new friends and maybe even finding surf friends for future trips together.

9. Competitive vs Support, Surfing puts you on a level playing field. Either of you could be the better surfer...Share the stoke of your partner catching a perfect wave or gloat about your success around the fire pit.

10. Sun + Beautiful Beaches + Great Food ....

Exclusive offer this July: Book a Couple Surf Holiday and receive a FREE Moonlight Paddleboarding Lesson and Tour.

More information on our Couples Surf Holidays Here