Twas the Night before Christmas Eve...

A Christmas Poem by Jah Shaka Surf


Twas the night before Christmas Eve,

With shopping still left to achieve,

You head to the pub,

For a beer and some grub,

As usual the last one to leave,


With a present for your (sister/brother/son/daughter/mum/dad) yet to be found

How awful to turn up empty handed

Especially when the In-law’s family coming round.


Last minute shopping fills you with dread

Those crowds, the queues,

Oh, you’d rather be tucked up in bed.


Alas my good friend, we have but great news!

A gift voucher from Jah Shaka Surf

Is what every (sister/brother/son/daughter/mum/dad) would choose.


Drop us an email and magic will appear

You'll give them a present they’ll love

Time to celebrate with another beer!


I'll stop with the rhyme's now...However, you do still have a chance to grab a gift voucher to give this Christmas. Drop us an email before 1pm tomorrow and we'll fire across a digital copy for you to print.


30€, 50€, 100€ towards Surf Holidays and Stays with Jah Shaka Surf

35€ Paddleboarding Lesson and Tour

40€ for 5 Yoga Sessions during your stay with Jah Shaka Surf

We can also tailor one exactly for that special person, just give our elves a heads up and we'll design something for you!

Gift Voucher