Top 5 Christmas Presents for Surfers 2014

Obviously at the tops of every Surfers Christmas list this year are the same as every year, new board, new wetsuit, GoPro, flights to Bali, I mean Portugal...

However, we've hunted down 5 of the VERY BEST gifts to ask for less than £40.




1. Powerstroke Bungee Cord Surf Training: £29.99


The perfect gift for the landlocked surfer. Build up your paddle power and upper body strength from the comfort and warmth of your lounge. Come spring, you’ll be paddling like a champ and have some shapely guns to show off on your next surf trip.




2. Surf Related Novelty Mug: £6.99


Let everyone know in the office that your a surfer with this fabulous novelty mug. Go one step further and change your computer background to a photo of some sick waves and everyone will think you’re totally rad.


bucketlist mao

3. Bucket List Map: £19.99


This one is super cool! A nicely illustrated map of breaks all over the world.

Great for bragging rights when your friends come over, or hang it in the office to match your way cool novelty mug.





4. Surf Ears: £34.99


A thoughtful present that protects your ears from water, air, dirt and bacteria, whilst optimising sound and balance. Your Mum will be buying you a second pair incase you lose the first! Safety first surfers.

If you want to know more, we have a full review here.



5. Surf Robie: £34.99

It’s like a towel, but oh so much more. Making changing on at beach so simple,  or you could change like Mr Bean in this classic sketch.


Jah Shaka Surf Gift Certificates from 35€

Easily top of the list for any surfer, or someone looking learn to surf!  We’ve got a wide range available starting at 35€ for a Paddleboarding Lesson and Tour along our stunning coast line. Real highlight to add to anyones holiday with us!

50€, 100€, 150€ towards Surf Packages in 2015! Yep, it’s like giving money, but way more thoughtful.

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