Don't you just hate having to get your sandy legs into your black leather pants after a day on the beach? We might have the perfect solution for you! New in Jah Shaka Surf shop: Amuse Society – the young designer brand for those beach babes that love to show their rebellious rock 'n roll side.

Amuse Society is a California based beach lifestyle brand founded by long-time friends Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp. Their style is a perfect mix of comfortable beach wear and a rock-chic edge (hello sexy play suit!). Even though the brand was only established in 2014, Fry and Rapp have managed to become the hottest new brand in the surfing industry. They've created a signature style that they describe themselves as

“An archetype of beach chic designed for the femme who embraces the free spirit of a rock muse on a beach holiday”

There is good reason for everyone's eyes to be on this couple right now. The girls have extensive experience in surfing apparel. Fry and Rapp were Vice President of Women's for Volcom and Quicksilver/Roxy respectively before they partnered with Paul Naude to set up Amuse Society. That last name ring the bell as well? Oh, he's only the former President of Billabong who is also responsible for the successful launch of VISSLA and D'Blanc – which can also be found in Jah Shaka Surf shop.

Amuse Society does not only want to create beautiful beachwear, but 'a culture that supports woman and their craft' as well.

And now this hot brand is available to the humble surfers of Portugal's Algarve as well. From high-rise bikini bottoms to sexy laser-cut neoprenes, from one-of-a-kind hand tie-dyed dresses to studded black shorts, from flowing printed tops to comfy sweaters and much more – do you need any more convincing?

Visit the Amuse Society blog or if you're near Lagos, just come check out their collection at Jah Shaka Surf shop! We'll throw in a free smile and talk while we're at it.


All photo's rights – Amuse Society blog

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Surfing in board-shorts is a rare happening in Portugal even in summer. In winter, this will never happen. With your shredding obsession and the perfect wave conditions in winter, you will want to surf anyway!  Here are 5 must-haves, when surfing through Portugal´s winter:

4/3 mm RIP CURL Flashbomb

With 20C water temperature in summer season in Portugal, you can surf in 3/2 mm wetsuit up till October. When the water cools down to 17C in winter, you need to step up your game. The Rip Curl 4/3 Flashbomb has special flash lining on the inside, an orange furry-feel fabric that keeps an extra layer of warm air between the suit and your body. The flash lining dries super-fast, so it´s comfortable for your second surf of the day.

Towel Poncho


You just went for an amazing surf, walked all the way back to the car, and you're taking off your wet wetsuit in the fresh winter breeze, struggling and trying to hold up your towel. We've all been there. So, throw old fashioned towels in the bin, and get a towel poncho! Pull it over your head, stay nice and warm, and take your wetsuit off comfortably without worrying about showing those cold private parts to the rest of the world.
At Jah Shaka Surf shop you can find this North Core poncho-towels in different colours.

After-surf beanie


We all love beanies. Let's face it, everybody does! They´re warm, they cover your after-surf cold ears, and they just look awesome! Surfing in winter is just another reason to expand your beanie wardrobe.

Coffee Tumbler

Keep your body warm from the inside-out. Most restaurants and beach bars will be closed in winter on the smaller beaches in the Algarve, so don´t leave the house without a coffee tumbler.

Hoodies & booties


For the real sufferers amongst us, who'd almost rather stay at home than surf in 17C water, just cover up completely. Change those beloved flip-flops for a few winter months and get cosily wrapped up in a surf hoodie, covering (neck and) ears. Adding this to your 4/3 wetsuit, you won´t feel cold, guaranteed!

Now you can order branded Jah Shaka Surf hoodies online and we get a free delivery around Portugal all winter long! Feel free to contact us!

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1. GLOBE Skateboards, from 132   2. GoPro Mouth Mount, 58€ 3. Wallet HERSCHEL, 35€ 4. NorthCore Wetsuit hook up, 13€ 5. FCS Premium Soft car racks, 60€ 6. Double face beanie VISSLA, 22€  7. SEXWAX cold water, 3€ 8. Funky socks CHEAPO BRAND, 6€  9. Snow goggles VONZIPPER, 72€  10. System Surfboards, from 315€

Christmas is just around the corner! Time to think about presents for your favourite surfers! We have a few great gift ideas for those who surf, skate and have the active lifestyle - they will be thankful to Santa for a handy present, even if they haven't asked for it!


  1. The Globe skateboard is the perfect way to cruise around and move your way to school or work. Not too big, not too small, just the right size! A smooth wooden finish along the bottom, with a hard grit on the top to give that good grip. Always fun to skate around the city centres to do your shopping and easy to travel with. We have a variety of them at Jah Shaka Surf shop in Lagos.

  2.  The way to film your surfing has changed! Never thought of the new perspective? Easy and comfortable to use the Go Pro mouth mount is really the one you need. It also allows bite support for a super stable footage and easy breathable tube to use just the same way as you snorkel.

  3.  Wallets are the great personal gift for men. More space equals more spending on these great gifts. It is the one you need! Don't forget to put a little banknote inside from Santa - it is said to be a bad luck if giving an empty wallet. northcore-hook

  4. Always having to leave your wet wetsuit lying around? Well grab one of these hooks to stop the mess! They are also magnetic! You can hang it onto your car and let your wetsuit to dry while chilling at the beach after surf. It has a strong magnet so it wouldn't fall off even if you forget it out there on your van. Great idea if you like travelling with your camper van!

  5.  The perfect soft car roof racks will let your boards stay safe on the car. The rack can hold up to 3 shortboards or 2 longboards. One easy item to forget when renting a car! You will need them. From all the range of roof straps and racks available on the market nowadays, FCS Premium Soft racks have one of the highest rating in its quality/price category. visslahat

  6.  Still sunny days here in Portugal, but the cold crispy wind will catch you out. The beanie is not only a trendy item but will keep your head nice and warm just like Granny said "Keep your ears warm!". This VISSLA one is also double face so you can have two colours in one!

  7. The best wax for your surfboard in the cold Atlantic waters and also it's environmental friendly!  Made of 100% recycled fibres and non-toxic. Another SEX WAX bar is always good idea for the Christmas stockings. cheapos

  8. Cold feet this winter? A pair of the funky CHEAPO socks to warm them up! We love Cheapos for it's hawaiian print that makes you smile in the chilly winter days. Another stocking's idea!


  9. Snow season is here! If you are going to spend the winter in the mountains – get ready beforehand to beat the resort shop's crazy prices on the equipment in the high season! Otherwise you can just pretend it's snowing in Portugal as well, why not? And where those goggles around - 100% UV protection with an ergonomic frame design!

  10. ... And the legendary System surfboards in stock! Full range of styles: Minimal, Evolution, Fish and Short boards. We offer fins and leash for FREE! And a good discount on tail pad and board-bag too!
    Find more about System Surfboards in our review here.

    Stop by JahShaka surf shop in Lagos to check all the gear out and feel free to contact us about sizes, models and colours available! 

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In the right conditons (summer junk, winter slop), it's evident that Firewire have succeeded in creating nothing short of a masterpiece, even if it does look like something my kid made with play-dough.

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In the right conditons (summer junk, winter slop), it's evident that Firewire have succeeded in creating nothing short of a masterpiece, even if it does look like something my kid made with play-dough.

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Where to put my mobile? One of the first questions you ask yourself when packing for your well deserved vacation at the beach. So, that’s why we have tested the Overboard Waterproof Case. It is around for a while already and unlike other case it is not limited to one phone only, you can basically use it for I-Phones all sizes.

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"Be A Hero" - That's the slogan. And it hits home, too - with the new GoPro Hero Black Edition, relive your experiences and see them like never before.

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