Jah Shaka Surf System Surfboards: The Beginner Board

So, you have successfully completed your first lessons on a foamy and feel pretty confident in the water? Beyond that, you are actually pretty hooked on surfing and can’t think about anything else then your next surf trip?  And this one thought about getting your very own surfboard, that gives you the independence the lifestyle of surfing is bringing with it.

You’re lucky we had the same thought and got some expert’s advice on the things to pay attention when buying the first surfboard.
To catch your first waves and improve your riding it is all about the length, width and thickness - all of these three elements affect the board’s behavior in the water and we want to have something easy and forgiving to start with. Assuming you are an average sized gal or guy, we recommend to go for a 7’2 - 7’6 board. Too big and it becomes hard to control, too small and it becomes hard to catch waves and balance. Look for a board with a simple outline and a consistent width and thickness from the front to the back.These features give the board a greater surface on the water and they allow you to easily paddle and move around in the water. You will be sitting quite high in the water, something you definitely want as you can more easily keep up with an approaching wave and when catching it, the greater surface is giving you a lot more stability. The round nose (top of the Surfboard) adds additional volume to the board, which again results in better floatation.
To create the perfect Beginner Board, our guys at Jah Shaka Surf shop have teamed up  with System Surfboards from Hossegor / France. They have experimented on shapes and details to avoid any hick ups a beginner might be dealing with. The result is a smooth Mini Malibu, a classic and yet forgiving shape, that will allow you to firm your riding skills and progress in different spots and waves.
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