The Sweet Potato

This is one ugly thing. Short, fat, thick. If it was a woman, I would run. But it's not a woman, it's not even a vegetable. It is, in fact a surfboard, and it happens to be the most fun board you will ever ride.

In the right conditions (summer junk, winter slop), it's Firewire have succeeded in creating nothing short of a masterpiece, even if it does look like something my kid made with play-dough. By pushing the absolute extremities of the short and fat, 'the sweet potato' was born.


With a tail wider, and fins further apart than you thought possible, you'll be tearing to shreds waves that would cause many longboaders to go home. The almost ridiculously overdone spine running through the centre of the board separates the fins, allowing super stylish rail-to-rail transition, in even the smallest and weakest conditions. The tapered rails allow for a mountain of extra volume under your chest to help catch surprisingly slow waves while still tearing it up like you're on a performance model. Put all this together and you have 'the Sweet Potato'.

The only quarrel I have with it is that it doesn't work in more solid surf. But that's hardly a complaint, as that's not what its' made for. Thinking of surfers who love to feel and share the stoke no matter what the waves, 'the Sweet Potato' is for you. Like it's vegetable counter part, dig in and enjoy!

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