Roxy Week presented by JahShakaSurf

- Paddle! Paddle! Paddle! -

Eight brave girls set against the elements of wind and water to dash into the waves - at felt air temperature of 10°C and wind force of 50 kph. Oh, they couldn’t have picked worse conditions for their first days on the surf boards ...

photo credit: Isabella Noichl

Photo Credits: Isabella Noichl


As a lot of girls feel intimidated by mixed surf groups, we have set up a girls only week: The Roxy Week was the perfect possibility to  learn surfing with like-minded girls within 7 days: Shared accommodation in a girls only dorm, tailored surf lessons and yoga for the early birds.

A concept that appeared promising within the first few hours already: no rivalry but a healthy dynamic of togetherness that brought out the best in each and every girl.

A rich and healthy breakfast gave the girls enough strength for a day fighting against the waves. Lunch on the beach for some energy boost and a well balanced dinner prepared by the Jah Shaka Chef kept them fed both day and night - this week wasn’t about counting the calories, it was about counting the wave numbers!

The down day couldn’t be really rated as a down day, as the Roxy girls left for an early morning Paddleboard Session to Praia da Ana in Lagos, voted second in the Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice for Portugal Beaches. By no later than the spontaneous climbing action at a remote bay, also the last sceptic was convinced about the advantages of Paddleboarding: Being able to explore secret spots by heavily training your balance and core strength.

Towards the end of the Roxy Week Poseidon appeared calmer and the girls achieved a success in catching their first waves. „Paddle Paddle Paddle!“ was the credo you could hear from all sites once one of the girls was up for another wave.

Girls, Big Ups! When you can make it in Portugal,

you can make it anywhere!

Photo Credits: Isabella Noichl

Photo Credits: Isabella Noichl


Photo Credits: Isabella Noichl


Photo Credits: Isabella NoichlPhoto Credits: Jah Shaka

Photo Credits: Isabella Noichl & Anna Kathalina Langer


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We only tried surfing once before but the guys made us feel safe in the water and all of us can now ride green waves. Yay! The social side was really fun too and we met a lot of nice people during the week and our room was really comfortable. Marcus & Sabine Holland
The guys we're fantastic from the word go and really looked after us. The Camp is well equipped for big groups and has a ton of facilities and loads of things to do to keep everyone entertained. The instructors were awesome and all 17 of us came back better surfers! Dan, Liverpool University UK
I managed to get a cheap last minute flight into Faro and decided to give the surf camp experience a go as I was travelling on my own. The staff made me feel really welcome and I met loads of people from all over the world that I'm still friends with. We're all planning reunion this summer and I can't wait to get back to the sun and surf! Marie Jensen Denmark