Posted on April 28, 2015
April 28, 2015
by JSS


  • Enjoy the speed of Freeride, Slalom and Freestyle windsurfing starting at Meia Praia Beach and Martinhal, near Sagres.

  • Wind is very frequent between the months of June to September when the nortrada almost blows on a daily basis.

  • The full range of windsurfing lessons from beginner to expert. All courses are designed to improve your windsurfing technique and progression within the sport.


Beginner Lesson brief Lesson time Price  
Level 1 Assembly / Theory and practice on land 2 hr 45€
Level 2 Pull up & direct the board / Tracking up and down wind / Light wind jibe 3 hr 80€
Level 3 Sail with moderate wind / Offset the pressure from the sail with body weight 3 hr 80€
Complete Course 6 hr 140€


Intermediate Lesson brief Lesson time Price
Level 4 Turning the sail, board and harness lines 3 hr 85
Level 5 Sailing with harness / Upward with moderate wind 3 hr 85
Level 6 Beach start / Jibe with moderate wind through the sail 3 hr 85


Advanced Lesson brief Lesson time Price  
Level 7 Strong wind sailing, feet in foot straps, planning position 3 hr 90€
Level 8 Water start 3 hr 90€
Level 9 Powerjibe 3 hr 90€
Personal trainer Improve particular aspects of your sailing 1 hr 50€

To Note

Optional wetsuit rental 5€
For more courses and prices - please, ASK!

Time: 6 hours Full Course 


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