Kitesurfing Lessons

Posted on February 2, 2013
February 2, 2013
by JSS


  • The kitesurfing lessons take place in one of the best beginner spots in Europe, the Alvor Lagoon 15 minutes from Lagos - the ideal location to learn and master kite surfing.
  • Safe learning environment, knee to waist deep water in the Alvor lagoon.
  • Consistent north-west winds during the summer months from June to September.

Who can Kite Surf?

As long as you have good overall fitness then most people can pick up kitesurfing in a shorter time than they think. Once you've mastered flying the kite and understanding how to use the wind to your advantage then learning to ride the board often comes naturally with the right instruction. If you've spent any time snowboarding, wake boarding, windsurfing and surfing this all can speed up the learning curve too.

3 Hour Course

Introduces you to the fundamentals of flying a kite and basic safety, including:

  • Checks to carry out before launching your kite and how to and set up you kitesurfing kit.
  • How to launch and land your kite
  • Knowledge of what and how to carry out a site assessment
  • Water safety information
  • Bodydragging, getting in the water and moving using the kite to power you.
  • Practise relaunch when the kite goes down.
  • Understanding and practising a deep water self-rescues and pack down.

7 Hour Course

Designed to get you on the board and moving and will introduce you to the main underlying principles of kitesurfing:

  • An overview of Waterstart theory.
  • Getting to grips with loading and launching.
  • Practise getting up and riding.
  • Knowledge of kitesurfing etiquette.
  • Understanding and practice edging and riding upwind.

10 Hour Course

The goal of the 10 hour course is for you to have a comfortable knowledge of how to get out on the water yourself and practice safely and independently.  Aims to get you out on the water practicing as well as fill in any knowledge gaps you have to get you to the point where you are ready to get out there kitesurfing on your own.

What's Included?

  • Chosen lesson time with a BKSA or IKO qualified kite surf coach.
  • All equipment needed.
  • Full safety briefing.
  • Step by step program to build confidence with the equipment and environment depending on level.
  • Free pickups from the Jah Shaka Shop to the Alvor lagoon.

To Note

  • Ideal conditions for beginners are days with winds between 10-15 knots.
  • Check and look for days days where the wind speed is highlighted in green or yellow.


Courses Price To Note
3 hours 120€
7 hours 215€
10 hours 285€
15 hours 415€
VDWS licence 35€ Optional for 7, 10, and 15 hour courses.
Private lesson 70€ Price per hour, minimum of 2 hours.
Rental - 1 day 80€ Minimum 1 hour private lesson required.
Rental - 1 week 360€

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