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Posted on February 28, 2013
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February 28, 2013
by JSS

Come and meet other kite surfers and share this fantastic new sport. The kite surfing holidays are designed for new or beginner kite surfers, ready to develop their kite surfing knowledge and skills.

Kite Surfing is one of the fastest growing and most exciting watersports. Kite Surfing, or kiteboarding as it is also known combines elements from surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding with the flying skills of traction kites and paragliding into one extreme and highly addictive sport.

With it's fast learning curve from beginner to intermediate, in just one week you'll be up and riding and getting to grips with your new found passion!


The Alvor Lagoon - one of the best kitesurfing locations of Europe.

The Algarve offers an ideal location for a kite surfing holiday to learn and master the sport. Lessons take place in one of the best beginner spots in Europe, the Alvor Lagoon. The lagoon spans almost 2 square kilometers and has knee to waist deep water depending on the tide, perfect for a safe learning environment.

The nortrada wind here blows frequently in the summer months from the start of June to the end of September and there's a very good chance you will score the right conditions for learning. Outside of these months it's still possible to have some great conditions but more planning and flexibility maybe needed to take advantage of the right weather conditions when they come.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Portugal with Jah Shaka Surf

We know, there are plenty of kitesurfing packages in the Algarve and kite surf schools to choose from. So here’s a list of reasons why our kite school defines the industry´s best quality and quantity:

  • New equipment from the market leader North Kiteboarding - For our students , we use only the best and safest material!
  • Qualified and experienced instructors - VDWS or IKO certified, First Aid, Rescue Life Guard  and years of tuition experience award our instructors 



Wave Kiting in the Algarve

For experienced kiters, on the west coast we have amazing wave kiting spots (Bordeira, Carapateira and Milfontes). All of these have huge open sand beaches for kilometers and their are always waves waiting for you.  We can organise day trips with guide and lunch.

wave kiting bordeira 709x409 (1 of 1)

Wakeboarding in Salinas, Lagos

Just 10 minute drive from the JahShaka camp is the Wakepark Salinas. Wakeboarding is great for improving you kiteboarding moves and tricks on a constant pull or even for beginners this is essentially like practicing carving and the waterstart nonstop. So no worries if we get a day with out wind we will just come here to ride hard.

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Teaching Outline

3 Hours

Introduces you to the fundamentals of  flying a kite and basic safety, including:

  •  What checks you should carry out before launching your kite and how to  and set up you kitesurfing kit.
  • How to launch and land your kite.
  • Knowledge of what and how to carry out a site assessment.
  • Water safety Information.
  • Bodydragging, getting in the water and moving using the kite to power you.
  • Practise relaunch when the kite goes down.


7 Hours

Designed to get you on the board and moving and will introduce you to the main underlying principles of kitesurfing, it includes:

  • An overview of Waterstart theory.
  • Getting to grips with landing and launching.
  • Bodydrags and first practise of getting up and riding.
  • Knowledge of Kitesurfing etiquette.
  • Understanding what is edging and riding upwind.


10 Hours

Aims to get you out on the water practicing safely as well as fill in any knowledge gaps you have to get you to the point where you are ready to get out there kitesurfing on your own.

  • Have a good solid knowledge of kiteboarding and how to get into it further.
  • Independently launch, land, relaunch the kite and control the board.
  • Advanced site and risk assessment.
  • Teaching on Tidal and weather theory, dangers and things to look out for.


10 Hours +

The goal after 10 hours is for you to have a comfortable knowledge of how to get out on the water yourself and practice safely and independently. However, from here individuals will be at different stages and want to learn different things so the 15 hour course we tailor specifically to the individual and there progression.

What's Included?

  • Kite surf instruction with a certified kite surf instructor
  • A unique step by step program proven to get you up and riding as early as possible
  • All the equipment needed
  • Transport to one of the best best kite surf spots to learn in Europe
  • 7 days delicious breakfast
  • 7 Nights Accommodation of your choice
  • Use of all Surf Camp facilities
  • Jah Shaka team on hand 24/7
  • Huge discounts on new kite surf equipment

Staying at Tiny Whale Surf Lodge

Shared Room Single Snug Room Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Private Room Ensuite Luxury Teepee
March, November 7 Hours 355€ 460€ 425€ 495€ 376€
10 Hours 425€ 530€ 495€ 565€ 446€
April, May 7 Hours 390€ 530€ 460€ 530€ 446€
10 Hours 460 € 600€ 530€ 600€ 516€
June, Sept, Oct 7 Hours 425€ 600€ 523€ 593€ 481€
10 Hours 495€ 670€ 593€ 663€ 551€
July, August 7 Hours 481€ 691€ 593€ 670€ 516€
10 Hours 551€ 761€ 663€ 740€ 586€

A delicious buffet breakfast is included with this accommodation

Private rooms and luxury bell tent prices are based on two people sharing

Shorter and longer stays available

Alternative Accommodation

For exclusive rental throughout the year for larger groups and families please contact us through our booking form

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The 10 hour course was great value and I can say we are both now proper Kitesurfers. Can't wait to get home and try it at my local spot! Christian Denmark