Perfect gift for Yogi's and Surfer Girls


Kalula Necklaces


In June 2014 we had the pleasure of meeting Emma when she joined us with her university surf club on their yearly trip to Jah Shaka Surf. Recently graduated Emma couldn't tear her self away from her studies and delved into understanding Colour Therapy and it's healing qualities.

Not only does she have an incredible Saint Bernard Dog which ranks her pretty highly in our dog loving team, she’s also the founder of Kalula Jewellery, a truly unique and stunning jewellery collection based on colour therapy. Each necklace is designed to energise, heal and compliment your needs in daily life.

Who needs diamonds? I’d rather be wearing a Aura Kalula for calming and inner peace this manic holiday season. These beautiful necklaces are on my wish list and know many ladies out there who’d appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

We caught up with Emma about the inspiration behind her first collection Kalula Wood.


The Kalula Jewellery Mantra is “Keep Life Beautiful”

Everyone is unique and sees beauty differently, for me 'Keep Life Beautiful' means remembering that and appreciating other people’s perspectives on life.


How do Kalula Wood necklaces help to heal?


10700252_1065364423489098_2755010861492277991_oWood is such a gorgeous material and for some reason, we don’t wear much of it. I’m half Swedish and I love anything wooden - furniture, ornaments, jewellery, you name it. There’s a raw simplicity to wood and it’s a nice reminder about what this amazing planet can create, completely by itself.

I’ve done a lot of research into colour psychology and it’s incredible. If you surround yourself with colours you’re drawn to, your outlook on life changes, your view about yourself changes, the way you treat others, changes.

Colour affects our moods and by surroun
ding ourselves with colours that make us feel good, we feel happier and healthier.

Kalula Wood was designed with this in mind and by using specific colour combinations, each design can help you to feel better depending on what you need. For example, necklaces with blues and greens can help you feel calmer & more collected. Turquoise and purples can help you feel more creative and intuitive - the list is endless.

What I particularly love is how at the end of the day the Kalula Wood Necklaces are warm when you take them off. This is because wood is an excellent insulator, so throughout the day, your beads are storing the warmth and positive energy your body creates. I often like to hold them in my hand for minute to feel this energy. It’s quite an amazing thing to do, to actually feel the energy you’ve created. It’s also a soothing thing to do before you go to sleep at night and a positive way to finish your day.

We're convinced! At £39.99 they make a thoughtful gift for that Yogi or Surf Girl in your life. Pop on over to the Kalula Jewellery Site. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed someone see's my blog post and treats me this Christmas!

Photos: Philip Toulson at Kalula Jewellery


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