Mates Rates: Top 5 Party Waves

Party Wave - Noun: A wave surfed by several people at once














Join us the from the 1st-14th July for our MATES RATES Weeks. Bring 3 friends on a Full Surf Package and you'll stay for FREE.

1304€ for 4 People on a Full Surf Package, 326€ per person.

That's a HUGE saving of 109€ per person.

To celebrate the Party Wave, we've put together our 5 favourite Party Waves

1. It's always a Party Wave if you're pregnant.

2. Surf Lesson Party Wave

Charlie our Head Surf Coach enjoying a high five mid wave with a student. Yeeeew


3. Dolphins in Australia

It's not called dropping in if you're a dolphin....

Dolphin Cove - Esperance WA - Original from Jennene & Dave Riggs on Vimeo.

4. Record Breaking Party Wave?

River wave, somewhere in France.

5. Kelly Slate and Rob Machado High Five

OK, technically not a Party Wave sharing the stoke for sure!


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