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Paddleboarding Portugal

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the most accessible watersport, great for all ages to get out on the water and enjoy the sun. Jah Shaka’s Paddleboarding School in the sun soaked Algarve is the perfect place to learn with fantastic weather all year round, calm waters of south coast beaches and stunning river routes.

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Originating in Hawaii in the 1950’s, used by surf instructors for a great vantage point of their group and incoming swell, now Paddleboarding is one of fastest growing sport, and it’s easy to see why!

Simplicity of Equipment

Stand Up Paddle Boards are a boyant and wide board, very stable and easy to balance on. A single paddle is used to propel yourself through the water and a leash to secure the board to your leg should you happen to fall in!

SUP Algarve

There are different types of boards, with new styles being developed constantly. Fro

m touring boards, racing boards, SUP Surf boards and even inflatable boards that pack away into a bag to throw in your car and head on a SUP adventure.

For all age groups and fitness levels

Balancing on a paddleboard is much easier than you think! The boards are wide, stable and very forgiving. In no time, our professional instructors will have you up on your feet and be gliding effortlessly.

It can be a full body workout, if you want it to be! Not only great for the upper body and arms, without a thought you’re engaging your core and improving balance with every stroke. SUP Fitness is set to be the newest craze in exercise, from low impact training to crossfit classes and even SUP Yoga.


Wherever there is water…

You can paddle board on any body of water, rivers, lakes, canals and the sea. Unlike

surfing you don’t require waves, well unless you want to SUP Surf. Our calm waters and river tour has perfect conditions to learn flat water paddling. If you’re looking to Surf waves, we have a beach with great waves to practice on.


paddleboard surf

A very green way to travel and fantastic way to explore nature. It’s an excellent way to explore coastlines, discover the Algarve's hidden grottos and caves, relax on secluded beaches, while the tranquility of Paddleboarding allows for great wildlife and bird watching.

Our Paddleboarding School prides itself on excellent tuition, with the widest range of tours courses and holidays available in Europe. Paddleboarding with us will give you the confidence to stand up paddleboard all over the world.

What are you waiting for? Your new sport and passions awaits.