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August 27, 2015
Goddess pose is one of my all time favourite poses, I included it daily, not only in my own practice, but also while teaching. It builds strength, flexibility and is a very...
August 20, 2015
This week we look at breath awareness, with this simple exercise you can do anywhere! Practise your breathing and you'll see huge differences to your yoga practise.
August 6, 2015
Triangle pose is an all round perfect pose for surfers and office workers! Building strength, releasing tension, opening and stretching out your tired shoulders and chest after a days surfing the waves,...
July 27, 2015
As we know, surfing requires upper body strength, not only for all that paddling but also for popping up. This week we look at Cobra and it's benefits!
July 20, 2015
This week we are starting off with the basics, to get you limber and ready for those summer surf sessions! Downward Dog an amazing pose for the whole body, and one which...
January 6, 2015
Improve your paddle power and catch more waves! Find out what you can learn from Kelly Slaters technique.
January 5, 2015
The takeoff is the bread and butter for every single surfer. Without it, you cannot surf. Master this, and worlds will open up for you. Read on to get the perfect technique!
March 17, 2013
So you’re surfing well, and it’s time to choose some new fins! Why? Because colourful fins make you faster! That’s why! Just kidding. Read on to find out how to get the...
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