Fatima's Farm "Quinta de Seis Marias"

Want to buy some delicious, fresh, super healthy vegetables and fruit? Check out Fatimas Farm Quinta de Seis Marias right by Sargacal, close to Lagos.

Fatima Torres is the leader and driving force behind the Quinta das Seis Marias. The quinta covers six acres and is cultivated by six women all called Maria. They grow more than 80 different horticultural products, as well as fruit trees and wine. You might want to get there on a Monday, Thursday or Friday, to get a box full of amazing, seasonal  all organic mixed fruit and vegetables. If you want to choose your favorite fruit and veggies yourself, come on a Thursday and pick it freshly from the trees and bushes, shoveling blackberries straight into the mouth!

Since the boxes are full of surprises, it's the right time to try new recipes or even go freestyle! It's a perfect way to experiment with the fresh vegetables and maybe even improve your cooking skills. Small advice: Make sure you practice some portuguese before you get there, might be helpful to communicate and get the right box!

Quinta de Seis MariasQuinta de Seis MariasQuinta de Seis Marias

Opening Hours to pick up Baskets:
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Opening Hours Farm Shop:

Adress: Rua Da Escola Primária, Quinta Seis Marias, SARGAÇAL, 8600-325 Lagos


Call now for bookings and info:
+351 913665446 - 9:00 - 17:00
Open 7 days a week - GMT

+351 912773147
Outside office hours

Email now for bookings and info:
This place suited us down to the ground. Theres no where else in europe where you can do so many sports in one day, Epic! Walters group Switzerland