Cruising the Algarve

Amazing weather, but no waves? Time to go Longboarding! There are plenty good paved and empty roads - perfect for cruising and exploring the Algarve. Improve your riding, sliding, pumping and dancing skills. Find yourself skating through fields with the windmills in your back and the cliffs in front. Best time to go? Definitely in the evening or right before sunset. The roads around the Surflodge take you right to these scenic places, skate until your feet are about to fall off and then enjoy the sunset on top of the hill.

Up for more adrenalin? There are a quite a few hills in the Surflodge’s backyard. Be careful! Some solid sliding skills are necessary if you don´t want to end up in the bushes.


Cruising the Algarve


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This place suited us down to the ground. Theres no where else in europe where you can do so many sports in one day, Epic! Walters group Switzerland