Best Wipeouts of 2014

From beginners to advanced, there's one thing we can all relate to. A wipeout. Inhaling sea salter, munching on sand, limbs flying everywhere, rarely graceful and loads of fun to watch.

As the Surf Photographer for Jah Shaka Surf this year, I've seen my fair share and have been lucky enough to capture some. Here are some of my favourites from 2014.

Enjoy! Because we've all been there.

7. Water to the Face

In this graceful wipeout we're reminded to close our eyes and hold our breathe as we take a splash of sea water to the face. Great for cure for a hangover!

web surf lessons-8

6. Running away from the Board

Missing the board an over enthusiast pop up.

web surf lessons-19

5. The Board running away from You

I've got quite the collection of the board flying in the air shots, but look at the air on this one! Safety note: Always cover your head when resurfacing.

web surf lessons-10


Ain't nothing like a nose dive on your surf session. This is a classic wipeout, head first, feet in the air. Bravo surfer, we've all been there.

web surf lessons-5

3. Graceful Exit

So you've done a cutback, hit the lip a couple of times, now it's time to finish off your wave and really impress the ladies. Pros often fly majestically through the take a breaking wave to your crotch.

web surf lessons-15

web surf lessons-17

2. The Nonchalant Wipeout

It was a tough choice between the two top wipeouts this year. This wipeout is so causal, the surfer unfazed and it almost looks like it happened on purpose.

web surf lessons-20

1. Going Down with your Board

This is a winner in our books! Hold on tight and hope for the best, a good captain goes down with his ship.

web surf lessons-21

Wishing you a very happy New Year from the whole team at Jah Shaka Surf! Looking forward to seeing you and more wipeouts in 2015.


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